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Preserving the provenance and the continuing heritage lifestyle of the people and place of Elizabeth Township

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About the Elizabeth Township Historical Society

Back to the Beginning

Many early pioneer families have remained for generations in our beautiful township, their homesteads nestled amid rolling hills, breathtaking vistas, and fields of grain.

Carol Marker Mumford was one of those pioneer descendants. When in 1994, an interstate highway threatened her family’s farms and heritage, she took action. A preservationist by nature, she led a grassroots effort that changed the future and kept the past of our small township known as Elizabeth as well as small sections of 3 other townships in Miami County: Lostcreek, Staunton and Bethel Townships. The Elizabeth Township Rural Historic District was born (19,881 acres listed on the National Register of Historic places) and a highway was stopped.

Today, we look back at her spirited, stalwart endeavor with gratitude. Thankful that there are no shopping centers, restaurants, and urban sprawl to disrupt this special rural community that so many of us call... home.

History Imagined

Carol knew that Elizabeth Township was a well-spring of history, a “living museum”. The four years of research of the houses, barns, mills, schoolhouses, fence lines, cemeteries, and Indian paths (now country roads) revealed the depth of that rich sweet heritage. So, from this realization, the Elizabeth Township Historical Society was created. ETHS is a reminder that we need to respect and remember our history as we live in the present and look to the future.

Carol Marker 1940

Carol Mumford wrote in the foreword of A History of Elizabeth Township:

“This truly was a community effort. Without the community’s backing and donations, the National Register nomination could never have been accomplished. It is almost unbelievable that over $17,000 was privately raised for this cause from a community with no industry and no fundraising events.”

On March 7, 1997, Elizabeth Township was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, the first rural area in Ohio to achieve this honor. Use this link to access more information:

National Archives NextGen Catalog

Members of the Elizabeth Township Historical Committee formed in 1993:

  • Chairperson:
    • Carol Mumford
  • Secretary:
    • Marcie Weisenborn
  • Treasurer:
    • Robert Smart
    • Dewey Mumford
    • Howard Weisenborn
    • JoAnne Smart
    • William and Louise Curtis
    • Rod Gasvoda
    • Phillis Bair
    • Mark Mitchell
    • Wesley and Catherine Sutherly

Articles and letters

Journal article

Journal article:
A Future In History

Text: Geoff Williams
Photos: Brian Swartz

April, 1998

Steve Haller letter

Letter from Steve Haller to Carol Mumford


Vicky Tabor Branson letter

Letter to Carol Mumford from Vicky Tabor Branson

June 25, 1997

Our Mission

To preserve the provenance and the continuing heritage lifestyle of the people and place of Elizabeth Township.

Our Purpose

To promote interest in the history and cultural heritage of the Elizabeth Township Historic District, located in Miami County Ohio, and to encourage and support the preservation of Elizabeth Township as a listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

To collect, preserve, and share appropriate items and information pertaining to the history of the township and the families therein.

To maintain a library and to publish, whenever possible, appropriate materials relating to local history, genealogical research, architectural, cultural, and social growth in the township.

To encourage the education of all citizens of the Township in historical studies and pursuits.

To cooperate wherever possible with historical societies throughout the country and with other groups having similar purposes.


  • President:
    • Melissa Duer
  • Vice President:
    • Mary Beth George
  • Secretary:
    • Carmony Goecke
  • Treasurer:
    • Diana Young Steck
  • Trustee:
    • Joe McGhee
  • Trustee:
    • Audrey Phillis
  • Trustee:
    • Flora Rectenwald
  • Trustee:
    • Lynn Redinbo
  • Trustee:
    • Cameron Armstrong
  • Trustee:  Sharon Maingi 
  • Trustee Emeritus:
    • Janet Knife
  • Trustee Emeritus:  Pat Gilliland
  • Technology:
    • Joe McGhee
  • Website:
    • Diana Young Steck
  • Membership:
    • Cameron Armstrong
  • Cemetery Preservation:
    • Flora Rectenwald
    • Lynn Redinbo
    • Sharon Maingi 

Museum and newsletter

  • Director:
    • Audrey Phillis
    • Mary Beth George