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Preserving the provenance and the continuing heritage lifestyle of the people and place of Elizabeth Township

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Carol Marker 1940

About Us

Many early pioneer families have remained for generations in our beautiful township, their homesteads nestled amid rolling hills, breathtaking vistas, and fields of grain.

Carol Marker Mumford was one of those pioneer descendants.

Carol knew that Elizabeth Township was a well-spring of history, a “living museum.” Today, we look back at her spirited, stalwart endeavor with gratitude.

Our Mission

To preserve the provenance and the continuing heritage lifestyle of the people and place of Elizabeth Township.

Our Purpose

To promote interest in the history and cultural heritage of the Elizabeth Township Historical District, located in Miami County Ohio, and to encourage and support the preservation of Elizabeth Township as a listing on the National Registry of Historical places.

To collect, preserve, and share appropriate items and information pertaining to the history of the township and the families therein.

To maintain a library and to publish, whenever possible, appropriate materials relating to local history, genealogical research, architectural, cultural, and social growth in the township.

To encourage the education of all citizens of the Township in historical studies and pursuits.

To cooperate wherever possible with historical societies throughout the country and with other groups having similar purposes.


Open to all individuals interested in the purposes of the Society. There are three very reasonably priced levels of membership: Individual, Family, and Supporting.

Membership includes a quarterly newsletter (February, May, August, November) with many interesting articles and photos of the people and places of Elizabeth Township’s past and present.

Interested in head stone cleaning?

YOU’RE INVITED….to learn about head stone cleaning! Send a request to join the Elizabeth Township Historical Society of Ohio—Cemetery Preservation Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/636849014228841/ The information is free, but we would also LOVE to have you as a volunteer. You see,...

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A Brief History of the Cemetery

The word “cemetery” has its origins in the Greek word for “sleeping place”, and is land meant for burial. Rural cemeteries were modeled after the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, and the first rural or garden cemetery located in the United States was Mount Auburn in Cambridge, Massachusetts in...

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Pioneer Family has 75th reunion at the Elizabeth Twp Center

 The 75th Young Reunion was held on July 10, 2022.Thanks to everyone who came and a special thanks to the Myers Family for making sure Paul Myers (pictured below) got to the reunion. Paul is a member of the greatest generation and a WW II veteran so we were blessed to have him at the reunion. This...

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