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We are counting down to the Betsy Bearcats Classic Softball Tournament and Ice Cream Social on July 14 at Elizabeth Township Community Center. While we do that, let’s talk a little bit more about Elizabeth Township’s history regarding baseball and softball. For the next two weeks we will share a series of posts on just that…we hope you enjoy it!

Back in the early to mid 1900s, many community events filled the long hot days of summer. Time seemed to move slower then, and folks enjoyed gathering for afternoon picnics or an ice cream social with croquet, badminton or a baseball game. Family reunions and church socials brought folks together, and baseball was a popular game at those events.

Baseball was THE sport back then. Sunday afternoon might find a group of neighborhood boys playing a rousing game of baseball. Boys in Elizabeth Township were no different. Below is a picture of a group of Elizabeth Township boys in the early 1930s. Those in photo were identified, in part, by Paul Myers in 2020. Front Row: Norris Young, John Benham, Howard Myers and Bob Gearhardt. Back Row: Lloyd Benham, Unknown, Roy Benham, Unknown, Bill Mott, Arthur Benham, Bob Benham, probably Bennie Widener. Most of these boys went on to play baseball for Elizabeth High School.